and Scotch Brite

3 days ago I launched my site This because I wanted to start a webshop where I could sell stuff made by me! Because there are a lot of do it yourself(diy) mods you can do to a airsoft replica. Most of the time they're easy and involve nothing more than some ductape, but there are also a lot of diy mods which involve special tools. Which cost a lot of money. I want to help airsofters by making this mods. I will charge a little bit more but I will invest this money in getting the right tools for the job!!

By airsofters for airsofters!!

Ok my first project is the scotch brite pads for your suppressor. I had a hassle with this pads when I first started making them. Cutting them with a scissor, burning the middle hole, etc etc. I cutted them so many times i got blisters on my fingers. And still they didn't fit!! Or my bb's got stuk or redericted by the pads.

Now i found a way to make them easy and fast. Every pad will just be flawless. Jesterday Kicking mustang discussed my pads in his life feed on Instagram and told me this pads are amazing. If i can quote chief mustang:

"Super Heavy Silencing"

Kicking I want to thank you for taking the time to discuss my pads!! And guys you can get this pads in my store. I make them for every supressor, but the mk23 and Dtss supressor in particular.

If you want other sizes you can contact me and i can see what i can do!!